The 7th International Conference on Data Processing and Robotics (ICDPR 2023)

  • Jan 2023


The 7th International Conference on Data Processing and Robotics (ICDPR 2023) covers topics such as:

  • Data Processing
    • Ubiquitous Data Management and Mobile Databases
    • Data Integration, Interoperability, and Metadata
    • Data Privacy and Security
    • Query processing, query optimization, and data structures
    • Semi-structured data and XML databases
    • Data Mining
    • Web Data Management and Deep Web
    • Distributed, parallel, Peer to Peer databases
    • Workflow, Web Services
    • Scientific and Biological Databases and Bioinformatics
    • Data Grids, Data Warehousing, OLAP
    • Stream processing and sensor databases
    • Database Applications and Experiences
    • Temporal, Spatial, and Multimedia databases
    • Database System Internals and Performance
  • Robotics
    • Real Time Supervisory Control
    • Networked and Distributed Intelligent Control
    • Embedded Systems
    • Adaptive Control Systems
    • Virtual Systems
    • Mobile and Autonomous Systems
    • Biorobotics, Biomechatronics
    • Multi-Agent Collaborative Systems (MACS)
    • Cooperative and Network Robotics
    • Space and Underwater Robotics
    • Rescue Robotics
    • Entertainment Robotics
    • Service and Security Robotics
    • Agriculture and Field Robotics
    • Human-Machine Interfaces and Interaction
    • Biped and Humanoid Robots
    • Robotics and Industrial Monitoring
    • Factory and Home Automation
    • Tele-robotics and Tele-operation
    • Simulation and Modelling of Robotic Systems
    • Control Theory and Application
    • Fuzzy Systems, Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
    • Estimation and Identification
    • Artificial Neural Networks in robotics or automation
    • Genetic Algorithm (GA)
    • Artificial Intelligence in Biosystems
    • DNA Computing for Autonomous Agents
    • Evolutionary Computation (EC) and Algorithms
    • Vision Systems for Automation and Robotics
    • Environmental and Food sensors
    • Implantable Sensors for Robotic Applications
    • Smart Sensors and Sensor Fusion
    • Instrumentation for Robotics and Automation
    • Sensors for Factory and Home Automation
    • Novel Robotic Locomotion
    • Virtual Systems for Training and Education
    • Navigation, Mapping and Path Planning
    • Mechatronics or Robotics Education

The 7th International Conference on Data Processing and Robotics (ICDPR 2023) might be held in Jan 2023.

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450-750 US Dollar (Estimated)
Asia Pacific Institute of Science and Engineering (APISE)

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Science: Computer Science, Engineering
Technology: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data management, Robotics

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