The International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering and Processes (ICMEP 2023)

  • 20-21 Sep 2023
  • Paris, France


The International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering and Processes (ICMEP 2023) covers topics such as:

  • Sustainable manufacturing processes and systems
  • System and sustainability considerations for emerging manufacturing technologies
  • Information extraction and utilization for monitoring and control of multistage Manufacturing processes
  • Key technologies for cloud manufacturing
  • Competitive manufacturing engineering
  • Intelligent maintenance decision Making of manufacturing systems
  • Advances in experiments and modeling of micromechanics and microstructure evolution in manufacturing processes
  • Sustainable manufacturing Technologies and practices
  • Advances in manufacturing of metals, ceramics and metal matrix composites
  • Materials processing, microstructure, plasticity and testing
  • Advances in assisted/augmented manufacturing processes
  • Advances in abrasive machining processes
  • Advances in modeling, analysis, and simulation of manufacturing processes
  • Advances in energy beam based surface modification
  • Advances in processing of polymers and polymer-based composites
  • Advances in nontraditional manufacturing processes
  • Green energy manufacturing
  • Challenges and innovations in additive manufacturing
  • Innovations in joining and assembly processes
  • Innovations in equipment design, tooling, and control/automation to enhance manufacturing processes
  • Substitution and enhancement of traditional manufacturing processes with laser-based techniques: technical and economic feasibility
  • Innovations in materials forming processes
  • Laser, process innovations and energy field manufacturing methodology
  • Monitoring, sensing, and control for intelligent machining and inspection
  • Electrical engineering and electric machines
  • Electronics and integrated circuits, embedded technology and applications
  • Instrumentation and measurement technologies
  • Engineering design and graphics
  • Mechatronics and control theory
  • Manufacturing and industrial Engineering, management applications
  • Modern control, automation and reverse engineering

The International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering and Processes (ICMEP 2023) will be held in Paris on 20-21 September 2023.


  • Paris, France

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WASET - World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology

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