Annual Animal Nutrition & Gut Summit

  • 06-07 Jun 2024
  • Marriott Lisbon, Portugal


The Annual Animal Nutrition & Gut Summit covers topics such as:

  • Nutritional Strategies: The role of probiotics, prebiotics, and dietary interventions in promoting gut health, enhancing nutrient absorption, and mitigating stress in livestock production systems
  • Gut Microbiota and Animal Health: The composition, function, and modulation of gut microbiota in various animal species, and its implications for overall health and disease resistance
  • Feed Ingredients and Formulation: Novel feed additives, alternative protein sources, and precision nutrition approaches to optimize feed formulation for different animal species, while ensuring sustainability and cost-effectiveness
  • Gut-Brain Axis: The bidirectional communication between the gut and the brain, and its influence on animal behavior, stress response, and welfare
  • Advances in Nutrient Utilization: Advancements in feed efficiency, nutrient absorption, and utilization strategies to maximize productivity and minimize resource inputs in animal production
  • Sustainable Practices: The imperative for sustainable animal nutrition practices, including circular economy approaches, reduction of environmental impact, and ethical considerations

The Annual Animal Nutrition & Gut Summit brings together attendees from:

  • Livestock Production
  • Animal Feed Manufacturing
  • Research and Development
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Food and Beverage
  • Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Animal Health and Nutrition Consulting
  • Regulatory Agencies
  • Technology Providers
  • Industry Associations

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Health & Medicine: Nutrition, Pharma, Veterinary
Industry: Agriculture
Lifestyle: Animals

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