A Comparative Study of Left Ventricular Torsion in Normal and Patients with Chronic Stable Angina


Angina pectoris  refers to the chest pain or discomfort due to coronary heart disease. This often occurs when the heart muscle needs more blood than it is getting

Torsion: During left ventricular (LV) torsion, the base rotates in an overall clockwise direction and the apex rotates in counter clockwise directions when viewed from apex to base. Aim : To assess left ventricular deformation by using torsion among subjects with TMT+ve and compared with normal


  • To compare left ventricular torsion in patients with chronic stable angina and individuals with normal coronary arteries.
  • To find the correlation between deformation parameters and coronary artery disease severity by syntax score.


Prospective, case-control study performed on 29 cases and 29 controls . Patients with chronic stable angina whose TMT result was +ve and had undergone echocardiography and angiography were taken as cases. Age and  gender matched healthy subjects were enrolled as controls


  • LV IVS and posterior wall thickness, Doppler parameters IVRT and Tie index showed significant difference between chronic stable angina patients and controls.
  • Left ventricular deformation imaging had showed slight difference but not significant in peak systolic strain in patients with chronic stable angina when compared with controls.
  • Early diastolic strain rate study had showed statistically significant difference in myocardial diastolic deformation rate in chronic stable angina patients when compared with the controls.


  • Tie index was significantly altered among TMT+ve subjects when compared with controls.
  • Tissue deformation imaging showed significant difference in early diastolic strain rate among two groups whereas global strain was not altered .


1.      Sridevi – Assistant Professor, Dept. of  CVT , SOAHS,MAHE, Manipal 

2.      Ranjini N V, Nishal - Interns, Dept. of  CVT , SOAHS,MAHE, Manipal

3.      Dr. Ranjan Shetty, - Prof. and Head, Department of Cardiology , Manipal Hospital, MAHE,  Manipal

4.      Dr. Krishnananda Nayak, Associate Professor and Head, Department of CVT, SOAHS, MAHE, Manipal

Posted by: Sridevi , Assistant Professor, Hospital, India (13-Apr-2018)
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