A New Approach HSA_ACO For Solving The Compromise Economic And Emission Dispatch Problems

M.Younes(1) N.Kherfane(2),M. Laouer(3)

(1)(2) Faculty of Technology ) Djillali Liabes University Sidi Bel Abbes, 22000, Algeria,younesmi@yahoo.fr

(3) Laboratoire LMMC, Université de Saida,


Environmental legislation, with its increasing pressure on the energy sector to control greenhouse gases, is a driving force  to reduce CO2 emissions, forced the power system operators to consider the emission problem as a consequential matter beside the economic problems, so the economic power dispatch problem has become a multi-objective optimization problem. This paper sets up an new hybrid algorithm  combined in two algorithm, the harmony search algorithm and ant colony optimization (HSA-ACO),  to solve the optimization with combined economic emission dispatch. This problem has been formulated as a multi-objective problem by considering both economy and emission simultaneously. The feasibility of the proposed approach was tested on 3-unit and 6-unit systems. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm gives comparatively better operational fuel cost and emission in less computational time compared to other optimization techniques.


Economic Power Dispatch (EPD)
Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA)
Ant Colony Optimization (ACO)

Posted by: Mimoun younes , Dr, UDL, Algeria (05-Jan-2014)