A Tourist and Hospitality Map of the Niger Delta


The Niger Delta is a fan-shaped piece of land characterized by the maze of intercommunicating channels which dissect the area open to the Atlantic by several   mouths. Globally, 600 million people travel internationally generating estimated four trillion dollars annually. The Niger Delta cannot afford to be left out in attracting these international tourists and that is why a tourists and hospitality map of the Niger Delta becomes a sine –qua-non.  The tourist and hospitality map depicts numerous beaches, the rich mangrove forest, oil wells, rich gas industry, rich cultures, coastal plains housing landforms, slave trade relics, hotels, animal species etc.    The map is produced using human instrument comprising relevant observation empirical survey and cartographic analysis of data.

Posted by: Podi Joseph Akpojotor Omoh, Lecturer , Researcher and Consultant, University of Lagos, Nigeria (27-Aug-2017)
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