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Because of its evolution to cashexia, the cancer evidently is a problem of the organism`s materiality. The malignant cells aren`t non-self, but an incomplete self(that is, a complete self for a former organismic vital period). This is why the immunological answer of the actual organism is an incomplete one, but not a complete one as against a non-self.

  • Malignant tumour is only the effect of the disease(malignant neoplasia).

  To destroy the tumour is only a cardinal principle of the oncotherapeutic strategy; always, the oncotherapeutic tactics must be individualized.

  • New cell genesis(neocellgenesis) is only a natural(programmatic) mechanism that helps the organism to do not dies, even when somes of its biostructural subentities have a underliminal materiality.

  On a cellular line, there is a filiation of cells.

  • There isn`t a cellular division , but a real intracellular morpho-genesis of a "daughter" cell into a "mother" cell.

  Because more than 95% from the biomatter`s substratum is represented by:H,O,N,C, it has to classify the elements in a new atomic Table(the HONC atomic Table).

  • The biomatter has a triple structure, but not a single one, as the inert matter.

Bioatoms(onli intraaminoacidic) can be only:H,O,N,C. Parabioatoms(only intraaminoacidic) can be only a few other atoms:S,P,etc. The biomateriality of a living structure is the sum of all its intracellular bioatoms and parabioatoms. The materiality of a biostructure its the sum of matter from all its intracellular bioatoms and parabioatoms.   The high intermediary bioatoms(H1*,O2*,N3*,C4*) and parabioatoms have a smaller materiality than their iso-atoms and so they represent some dis-bioatoms and dis-parabioatoms. The chemical "fertilizer" -used in the modern agriculture- contained a large number of high intermediary probiotic atoms -that can reach the cell genesic level of the organism, along the "organismic trophic chain"- and so they represent some real "oncogenic bombs". 

  • The atomic diagnosis in cancer on: 1.-the debiomaterialization of the organism; 2.- the disbioatomic quota of the dis-probiomaterial cellular high flood.

So, it is possible to induce a therapeutic cell`s apoptosis, or to intraprogrammatically reconvert the materiality of the malignant cells. So, even the "terminal cancers" can be healed off, by a complete oncotherapeutic strategy(the tactics must be individualized!); the four cardinal(major) principles are: 1.-the immediate stopping of the dis-probiomaterial cellular high flood;2.-the immediate stopping of the organismic debiomaterialization(by different oncogenic vectors);3.-the immediate start of iso-bioatomic and iso-parabioatomic regeneration of the probiomaterial organismic Field;4.-the immediate elimination of the malignant tumour(that represents the"organismic area of the intraprogrammatic biomatterrhage").

  • To treath a cancer knowing the cancer`s pathogenesic mechanism(and, so, having its atomic diagnosis) is as to play a melody about its score.                                                                              
Posted by: curosu valentin, doctor, Medical Foundation , Romania (11-Nov-2011)
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