Co-relation Of Core Muscle Strength With Postural Control In Young Healthy Adults



Postural control is the key component of daily living activities and core muscle strength is required to stabilize the lumbopelvic region of the body. There were many researches trying to prove relation between core muscle strength and postural but still many variants are left out. So, this study is taken up to prove the relation between them.


To asses the core muscle strength and postural control in young healthy adults and correlate them.


It is a cross sectional study using a random sampling approach with a sample size of 30 subjects. To assess core muscle strength, a pressure biofeed back unit was used and to assess postural control, balance master was used. Only young healthy induviduals between 20-30 yrs of age were included while any subject having lower limb or foot problems were excluded. A statistical co-relational chart was prepared for a better idea and interpretation.


From the statistics , we found out that 20% of the subjects had poor balance results as well as poor postural control while 13.33% subjects had good postural control with a good core strength. Spearman rank of co-efficient r value is 0.9123 and P value is <0.0001 , considered extremely significant. Thus, this certainly gives us the positive co-relation between core strength and postural control.


Thus, we conclude that there is a positive co-relation between core muscle strength with postural control in young healthy adults.

Posted by: Dr. Zimple Shah, Physiotherapist, Dr.D.Y.Patil Hospital, India (22-Mar-2013)
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