Computer Assisted Design for Prosthodontics

The construction of removable partial dentures has evolved to become, along with other dental techniques, a high tech operation. This evolution has created a gap between the practicing dentist’s know-how, and the latest clinical applications in the domain of removable partial prosthesis.

With possible 65536 different permutations of teeth in each arch, the computer is ideally suited to search for the possible combinations of design.  In addition, the possible combinations of design can be obtained instantaneously.

The present software, STELLIGRAPHE, aims at reconciling the fundamental notions of removable partial denture therapy and the latest clinical applications in the domain of computer  assisted   design.

STELLIGRAPHE, recurrent system, software expert, gives instant response to the exact case to be treated, and more, the software allows, through an extensive menu of parameters to consider all solutions and gives to the practitioner a rational and exact design of the framework, in all the clinical situations: Removable partial denture, Crowns and bridge, Fixed and R.P.D., Attachments,

Millings,, Implants and Implants with R.P.D..

From the initial diagnostic assessment through to the start of treatment, the STELLIGRAPHE software offers computer power, speed and safety .

STELLIGRAPHE, software support clinicaltreatment plan prosthetic brings the power, speed ofcomputer security, at the same time it enables thepractitioner to concentrate on mastering the

By producing, in real time, a visual document STELLIGRAPHE becomes a powerful visual, didactic and technical communication instrument, with the dental laboratory and the patient.

This software ensures quality control  and traceability for removable partial denture.

It is also a powerful teaching  tool which should bring students to a new understanding  of the prosthetic treatment planning process.

By providing computer-aided design to the prosthesis, this software is an essential step for  Computer Aided Manufacturing for removable partial denture.

Posted by: JOURDA, DCD DSO, Private, France (09-Jun-2017)
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