Determine the prevalence of hypermetropia among young male and female


It was a hospital base study. A total of 100 patients having refractive errors (male 50 (50%), female 50 (50%) were examined. Vision of all the patients was checked using a distance Snellen visual acuity chart. The patients with visual acuity equal to or less than 6/9 in one or both eyes underwent objective retinoscopy and subjective refraction and were prescribed with glasses. 

Main outcome measure:
To determine the prevalence of hypermetropia among male and female in age group 10 to 18 years

A total of 100 patients were examined. Prevalence of hypermetropia was 10 (10%) out of which 4 (4%) were male & 6 (6%) were female.

This data support the assumption that vision screening of children in our country could be useful in detecting correctable causes of decreased vision especially refractive errors and in minimizing long term visual disability such as amblyopia


Posted by: Rao, Optometrist, Sims Lhr, Pakistan (11-Jan-2012)
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