Dropped Objects Statistical Analysis Modeling Advancement


Dropped Objects from turret moored FPSOs are unique in their statistical complexity due to weathervaning, frequency of supply handling and crane location radii from the turret.  A clear method to determine and present the statistical risks of seabed components is presented that accounts for the joint probabilities of the topic.

The method of addressing the topic is vessel and field/ operator specific and includes the environmental conditions affecting heading;frequency of handling/ transferring objects with risk of dropping; statistics for dropping vs handling; the potential statistics of the fall in the fall radius; consideration of impact size as well as stike damage to seabed components.

Presentation of the resulting statistical risk of component damage is made through colored cloudpoints on the field map to clearly indicate zones in which further evaluation or remediation is necessary.

Posted by: Richard D. Haun, PE, VP SME/ Subsea, Doris Inc, United States (02-Nov-2016)
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