Education Events of the Year

If you think about the way people were taught fifty years ago and the way they can be taught now, with the latest technology, you will appreciate how important it is to attend international events. Everyone involved in education will find events of special interest to them, whether teachers, administrators or parents, these events concern you.

Teachers can share information and expertise and learn from their counterparts in other countries. Different methodologies may fit your way of teaching and they can usually be adapted to suit preferred teaching styles, and learning preferences of students. Understanding how to reach a kinesthetic learner, (for example) would greatly enhance a teacher’s ability to help all students achieve goals and targets in at the same level as other students with easier to cater for styles of learning.

There is no better way than to speak with fellow teachers to find out how they deal with their problems and if you need to think about behavioral problems then there is an event on March 17th in London, which focuses on behavior and discipline in schools.

An event at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham (UK) will allow you to see the new educational tools in action and you can have hands-on experience in order to determine if these might be valuable classroom tools for you.

For those in Higher Education, the AUA Annual Conference is being held at the University of Nottingham (UK) this year and has more than a hundred sessions for conference delegates to choose from. These will address the important issues in higher Education and there will be something to interest all in this field, as always at this annual event. It is a good opportunity for networking and establishing relationships outside your academic institute and field. There is plenty of time to socialize and catch up with academics from institutions other than your own.

One conference that is eagerly anticipated this year is the 13th Annual International Conference on Education which is being held in Athens, Greece. The conference organizers have managed to arrange a one day cruise around the Greek islands for delegates, as well as special conference rates at hotels in and around Athens. This is clearly billed as a conference which aims for the delegates to spend time sightseeing and spending an enjoyable evening together, sampling traditional Greek cuisine.

There are conferences about eLearning in China and Africa, and events for all learning establishments, for Kindergarten through to Higher Education and Adult continuing learning. Educationalists should attend such conferences as a matter of course in order to keep up with the latest developments and ideas. As a lot do this already, of course, it is advisable to book conference places well in advance.