Effect Of Probiotics Lactobacillus Casei Var. Rhamnosus On The Incidence Of Necrotizing Enterocolitis In Preterm Infants In Nepal: A Ramdomized, Double- Blind, Placebo Controlled Trial


Background: Although recent reports suggest that the use of probiotics may enhance intestinal functions in premature infants, the mechanisms are unclear, and open questions remain regarding the safety and its efficacy.

Methods: We conducted a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study of 72 hospitalized preterm infants. They were randomly allocated to receive probiotics.

Result: Necrotizing enterocolitis (16.2% vs28.6%) was found less frequent in the probiotics group compared to the control group, this difference was not significant (p=0.16). Among the risk factors only neonatal risk was significant.

Conclusion: Probiotics administration might not be sufficient to decrease the risk for necrotizing enterocolitis.

Author name

Singh DS 1; Klobassa DS 2; Resch B 3; Urlesberger B 3; Shrestha BPR 3



Posted by: Dr. Srijana, Associate Professor, Kathmandu University Hospital, Nepal (20-Jan-2017)