Effectiveness of Educational Intervention on Knowledge Regarding Newborn Resuscitation


Author:  Bhandari P., Yadav U.


  • To assess the existing knowledge regarding newborn resuscitation among nurses.
  • To find out the difference in their knowledge regarding newborn resuscitation before educational intervention.
  • To find out association of knowledge with selected variables.

Materials and Methods:

Pre experimental research design (one group pre test post test design) was adopted. The samples were staff nurses of BPKIHS and the sample size was 50. Population enumeration sampling technique was adopted. A self administered questionnaire was used for data collection. Data was collected in pre test and post test phase i.e. before and after educational intervention. Descriptive statistics and Inferential statistics were used for data analysis.


The research finding showed that the overall pre -test and post- test knowledge among nurses was found to be 47.92±10.238 and 69.2±15.016 respectively. The calculate p – value for difference in Knowledge in pre test and post test was found to be significant (p<0.05). The association between knowledge regarding newborn resuscitation and total experience was found to be significant in pre test. Similarly, the association between knowledge regarding Newborn resuscitation and in service education was found to be significant in pre test. However, the association between knowledge on newborn resuscitation and total experience in BPKIHS, present ward, working units, level of education was to be insignificant.



The findings of the study could be concluded that the educational intervention is effective in increasing the knowledge of nurses. Educational programs, training, in service education/ CNE should be conducted time and again to update the knowledge of nurses.


Keywords: Educational intervention, Knowledge, Nurses, Newborn resuscitation.

Field of Investigation: Hospital based

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Upendra Yadav
Associate Professor
Department of Child Health Nursing
College of Nursing, BPKIHS
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Posted by: upendra yadav, Associate Professor (Nursing), Hospita, Nepal (23-Dec-2012)
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