How to Fix Climate Problem

Climate Change can be halted and reversed by using hidden secret technology in the possession of the US military, comprising thre components :-

                        C+C = ZPE + AG + TP

1. Climate Change= CC

2. Zero-Point Energy = ZPE

3. Anti-Gravity = AG

4. Teleportation = TP

All three technologies relate to reverse-engineered technology from the Roswell UFO crash back in 1947n in New Mexico, USA.

In addition- much technology was taken from Nikolai Tesla on his death in a new York Hotel room in 1943, and suppressed ever since under the guise of "national security".

Essentially these three technologies are used to operate a UFO and associated activities.

All three if deployed globally will reduce carbon emissions radically as fossil fuels can be replaced in all forms of transport, shipping, freight. 

The main problem is the embargo placed on such technology by the US Govt and its secretive components. 

If such an embargo was lifted through  A FULL DISCLOSURE

programme - the climate change expected for 2100 could be halted and reversed with an infinite payback to industries involved in such technologies. 

The question is - who will blink and help save the World?

Posted by: Dr Julian E Salt, Researcher, Climate Solutions, United Kingdom (25-Aug-2017)