International Events in the Arts Field

This year the Arts events are even more exciting than last and cover such fields as the performing arts, archaeological events, fashion, international trade fairs, book fairs and events for museums, to name but a few.

The Children’s Book Fair in Bologna, Italy, will be held at the end of March so if you are interested in this field, you should think about visiting Bologna then. Apart from the event, there is ample opportunity to sample the traditional cuisine of the area, and of course a chance to expand your network of fellows who are interested in this field. Later in the year of course there is the well-established Frankfurt book fair which is perhaps the biggest book event of the year.

There are the usual fashion shows and of course international trade fairs such as the one in Kuwait which is held this year between May 25th and June 2nd. At this event there will be a chance to view and purchase handicraft items, perfumery, gifts items, cosmetics and jewellery as well as other retail products.

There are also many international events that cover hobbies, DIY and crafts. Such events are for retailers and the general public, and make for an enjoyable day out to see what is new and exciting in these fields.

For museum staff, there are seminars and conferences on how to make the most of online facilities, whether these are virtual tours of museums which are proving popular, and how to attract more visitors. Archaeologists may be interested in the 4th Symposium on Preserving Archaeological Remains in situ, which is being held in Copenhagen, Denmark between May 26th and June 2nd. After the floods in Pakistan and other parts of the world in 2010 this is of paramount importance if national treasures are to be preserved for future generations.

Naturally there are events for those interested in the performing arts, one of which will be held in Austria between May 20th and 24th.

In the field of television there are events which focus on innovations for mobile devices, online video and multi-platform TV-TPTV along with finance and investment advice and information.

Many of the Arts events are of interest to the layman as well as the professional and can be a way of meeting professionals and learning from their expertise. The Arts and Crafts fairs are good days out for all the family as there are refreshments always available and exhibition stands to capture everyone’s interest.

Whatever your interest, the broad field of the Arts and the international events on the calendar will have something to offer those who are collectors of antiques and those who simply like to have novel decorative items in their living spaces.

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