Medical Errors


Background and Aim:

Medical error is a major threat for patient safety in all countries .The most common medical errors are medication errors which can lead to serious injury and even death in patients. This aim of study was to explain the factors influencing nurse`s view of medication errors that with identify factors affecting the experience and understanding medical error can be offered strategies to reduce errors to nurses.

Material &Methods:

This study is a qualitative research with directed content analysis approach. 20 nurses worked at Imam Hussein hospital in Tehran in 2012 with at least 2 years clinical experience, participated in this study who were selected using purposeful sampling. Data were collected via Semi-structured interviews. The accuracy of data collection and analysis was achieved by external check (member and peer check). Data were analyzed by qualitative content analysis.

Participants in the study stated factors affecting the errors in two themes, individual approach that includes "individual and psychiatric characteristics of nurses," "characteristics of patients", "error caused by doctor`s orders", and Organizational culture and approach that including" working conditions "," learning process "," risk management process and deal with it "," medical information "," Unavoidable error in nursing "and" complications of medical error".

Factors affecting medication errors are widespread, variable and influenced by personal factors and organizational position. The results of this study show the importance of comprehensive educational programs, good role models, opportunity for experiencing in the field and provide constructive feedback in a favorable environment for teaching and learning in the workplace.

Key words: Medication error, nurses, content analysis

Posted by: Marzieh, nursing, -, Iran (15-Jan-2013)