Neurotoxicity of iron oxide nanoparticles and the protective effect of selenium in rabbits oryctolagus cuniculus


Context and aim: iron oxide nanoparticles are the most used in the medical field, today little is known about the oxidative stress and the neurotoxic potential of Fe3O4.

Methods: The understanding of the effect of iron oxide nanoparticles on the general redox state of the brain and the protective effect of selenium were evaluated.

Results: Our results show a very highly significant increase in brain protein levels, an insignificant increase in brain malondialdehyde in the rabbits treated by  150  μg / kg / day of Fe3O4 , and a highly significant increase in the treated by 300  μg / kg / day . A decrease very highly significant rate of GSH after the treatment of rabbits by iron oxide nanoparticles was clearly conceivable. There is also a non-significant increase in the glutathione S-transferase enzyme activity of rabbits treated by 150  μg / kg / day. In contrast, the dose 300 μg / kg / day results a highly significant increase. Thus, a non-significant decrease in the enzymatic activity of glutathione peroxidase; And a highly significant difference in AchE activity between controls and treated with dose 1 and a highly significant difference for dose 2. The addition of 0.05 μg / kg / day of selenium neutralizes this toxicity.

Conclusion: Our study suggests that dysfunction due to high oxidative stress in the brain of rabbits treated with both oral doses is the origin of this neurotoxicity and may be the cause of neurodegenerative diseases.

Key words: iron oxide nanoparticles, oryctolagus cuniculus, neurotoxicity, oxidative stress, brain.

Taib Chahinez (1) *, Rouabhi Rachid (2), Henin Sara (03), Gasmi Salim, Salmi Aya, Toualbia Nadjiba.
(1) Faculty of Sciences of Nature and Life, Department of Biology, Tébessa University, Algeria.
(2) Research laboratory for bioactive molecules and applications, Tébessa University, Algeria.

Posted by: taib chahinez, student doctorat, Faculty of science of nature and life tebessa, Algeria (20-Jan-2017)
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