Security in physical Art exhibitions and exposure on the internet

Art Exhibitions are usually held for gaining the attention of those people who are interesting in art work. Normally these exhibitions include the work of different artists and artisan who are trying to make this exhibition successful by presenting drawings, paintings, and sculpting to the audience. This exhibition is arranged in the art galleries, art clubs or at museum. Art exhibition is a perfect way of demonstrating the skill which is possessed by the artist either he is a beginner or an expert of art field.

The people who are interested in art and design can easily find the information about the latest exhibition of art by searching internet.  You can find almost every information such as place of art exhibition, its ticket’s fee, event dates etc. Normally art exhibition is temporary event but sometimes it is permanent.  New artist has a great opportunity to arrange an art exhibition where he can present his art work and then get the appreciation or reward for his effort. He can easily invite a large number of art appraiser at his exhibition by sending online invites through social network such as Facebook , Orkut etc.

The art exhibition are also organized by the well-know and expert artist and it has often seen that their work is quite expensive and somewhat especial. Therefore the chances of art item’s stealing become more. The controller of art exhibition should make the full effort for the security of such things and it is only possible when he will hire the guards for the protection of art exhibition.  Some cameras can also be installed in the exhibition through which the controller can keep an eye on every visitor of the exhibition. If you are not doing any thing for security purpose then of course you will bear the huge loss.

The people who are responsible for the art exhibition must consider another thing which is the protection of expensive painting, sculptures, and antiques. Though lighting is necessary at the time of exhibition for highlighting of art work but when the exhibition is over you must readily keep the paintings in darkness or in low light so that its texture and paint not be affected. The room where art exhibition is held must not have the high temperature as this temperature may damage the art work.

Some new artists that arranged online exhibitions find out that it is not a very good practice. Though internet gives you maximum exposure yet through it you can’t get your work reward in the shape of money so be rational always and choose the physical art gallery or museum for the demonstration of your art work. Another thing which makes the online art exhibition unsuitable for an artist is plagiarism and it is a common phenomenon on the internet. It is possible that someone copies your work and then exhibits it with his name. You never like such situation so it is suggested to you to go for physical exhibition.

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