Smart energy and human genetic activity

Problem statement: since the environment affects a person, his health, it worries everyone. Therefore, questions arise: what are the natural sources of radiation besides the Sun; whether their smart energy (SE) is sufficient; and how it can have an impact on human, in particular, on its genetic activity. This work is devoted to the development of this model.

Methodology: as you know, the human genome (HG) is a set of hereditary material contained in its cell. HG is found in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) molecules in the nucleus and mitochondria of the cell (hereinafter human cell components or HCC). These DNA have different linear dimensions and therefore have different resonance frequencies to which the genome reacts. It turns out that there are such sources, for example, in the infrared (IR) region, with the same frequencies. These are "greenhouse gases" (GG), which due to the greenhouse effect (GE) re-emit thermal radiation from the Earth. This radiation, in turn, is associated with the heating of the Earth under the action of the Sun. In addition, we have obtained the value of corresponding SE (per unit time) of the above radiations of GG (SER).

Results: within the limits of error for resonant frequencies in the IR region the optical SER falling from GG and emitted by the corresponding human organ (HO) are, as a rule, close. The maximum difference was less than the order of magnitude. In the latter case, SER was calculated in the dipole approximation taking into account the number of DNA molecules in HCC and cells in the corresponding HO. Also, calculated by the formula for a blackbody  the thermal SER of a person at the frequencies of GG and HO was equal to or less than the corresponding powers in two or three times.

Conclusions: the interaction of GG with HO is possible due to the greenhouse effect (GE). It can be carried out directly through acupuncture points or rather the membrane of certain cells of the skin. So due to the proximity of optical SER incident on a person  due to GE and emitted by HG  at the same frequency, resonance is possible, and, consequently, the effect on gene activity.


Smart energy, human genome, greenhouse effect, resonance frequencies, deoxyribonucleic acid.

Posted by: Valery Oktyabrskiy, Professor, Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia , Russian Federation (13-Jul-2019)
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