The Clinical Indications of Intravenous Immunoglobulin at Queen Rania Children’s Hospital

Raed Alzyoud MD,  Adel Alwahadneh MD, Mohammad Shugair MD, Zeyad Habahbeh MD, Mohammad Almutereen MD, Suhad Ramamneh SN.

Retrospective analysis of IVIG guidelines and indications at children’s Hospital.

Data had been collected from Queen Rania Children’s Hospital protocol registry of IVIG from 1/1/2012 through 31/12/2012.all these protocols had been approved by Royal Medical Services Immunoglobulin Committee.

One hundred thirteen patients were treated with IVIG during one year,59 females and 54 males, there received 8500 grams at 1041 infusions.77(68%) patients were receiving IVIG as long term duration(more than 3 months),21(18%) of them as lifelong treatment while 36 (32%) patients received IVIG as short term duration(less than 3 months).the most common indication in long term duration group was primary Hypogammaglobulinemia, and Kawasaki Disease was the most common indication in the short term duration  group.

The Royal Medical Services Immunoglobulin Committee is using WHO and FDA licensed indications of immunoglobulin for approval of IVIG using at our institution. The indications and guidelines need to be revised by this committee as the umbrella of Immunoglobulin indications is expanding depending on the new clinical trials. 
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