The investigation of epidemiology and risk factors of snoring in civil aviation pilots



To investigate and analyse civil aviation pilots snoring disease incidence rate,moderate and severe snoring disease incidence rate, risk factors and the relationship to daytime sleepiness.

Method:Using cluster sampling method, A questionnaire survey was conducted on 1400 civil aviation pilots , And 1227 valid questionnaires were statistically analyzed. Calculate the prevalence rate and severe snoring snoring, the risk factors associated with snoring analysis,Compare of different degree of snoring group Epworth sleepiness score (ESS score).


1206 male pilots and 21 female pilots were investigated, male pilots snoring prevalence rate was 58.9% (723/1206).the moderate and  severe snoring prevalence rate was 14.6% (179/1206),and all the women pilots didn`t snore.above 30 years old male pilots snoring prevalence rate was 64.5% (402/623), and the prevalence rate of moderate severe snoring was 19.4% (121/623).The prevalence of snoring prevalence and moderate severe snoring increased with age and body mass index.Prevalence of snoring and moderate and severe snoring increased with the increase of smoking and alcohol consumption. Age, body mass index(BMI), smoking, drinking and family history are risk factors of snoring snoring.Flight factors (flight time, flight time diffrence, flight route and type of airplane)were not the risk factors of snoring. Statistically significant differences between daytime sleepiness scores of non snoring group and different degree of snoring group and snoring  was found(F=6.126,P<0.001).


Civil aviation pilots snoring prevalence and moderate and severe snoring prevalence rate is lower than the general population,Incidence is related to age, body mass index, smoking, drinking and family history.Snoring and daytime sleepiness are closely related, should be highly valued.


Snoring; Epidemiology; Prevalence; Risk factors; Sleepiness; Sleep apnea

Posted by: LI Xing-wang, Chief physician , Civil Aviation General Hospital , China (13-Jul-2016)