The teacher training process in use of Information Technology and Communication through virtual environments

Trends in teacher training in the use and appropriation of information technology and communication for the development of mediation for learning, teaching, communication, mentoring, collaboration, including through virtual learning environments, by different higher education institutions in the region of the coffee in Colombia, based on the standards of the Ministry of National education of Colombia established teacher training route for the use and appropriation of information technologies and communication in professional development teacher, taking into account the institutional needs and national trends integrate ICT in education, in the process of training provide the foundation and skills to design mediations that enable autonomous learning, teaching and learning in education distance and virtual educational use of Web 2.0 resources, the creation and tutoring in virtual learning environments, as well as identification and subscription to national or international academic networks among others. The trends are set from institutional initiatives on continuing education for teachers and the general public, through which identified needs, strengths and areas to be implemented in teacher training for the appropriation of ICT.
The process takes place in remote or virtual mode in 5 higher education institutions where they identify similarities in the strategies implemented, the design of virtual environments, tutorial support, and phases of the training process.

• Plan the training process (pedagogical)

• Design of virtual classrooms

• Implementation of training.

• Certification and Evaluation

• Update and adjustments

Posted by: Martha Lucia GarcĂ­a Naranjo, MSc. in Education, University of Manizales, Colombia (20-Jul-2012)