Top Seven Tips To Make Your Meetings Successful And Impressive

Meetings are a place where a company’s employers and employees meet to discuss their agendas and future goals. Usually these sessions are held in a conference hall or boardroom. Most often the staffs dread these boring engagements. Many may often be seen to be skipping the same or sitting through it without contributing a single idea.

Nottingham has many fascinating places for organizing such routine meets. Utilize this areas picturesque beauty to interest and allure employees to attend these meetings. Not only would it increase the overall attendance but can add to your brand value as well. In order to make a meeting more impressive one may follow a few tips. Here are seven points on how to make a business meet successful and impressive:

  • Arrange meetings outside the company’s compound and opt for corporate event venues in Nottingham. There is no dearth of options for large conference venues here. The visually appealing venues will encourage delegates and partners to attend.

  • Look out for a place that has a striking backdrop with different types of boardrooms and halls. It should have both spacious halls for accommodating large numbers of members and enclosed rooms for private small meetings. Make sure the conference venues in Nottingham, which you are selecting as the place for your meeting, has vital experience of hosting this kind of events. They should have professional and experienced staff that should be willing to address every need and issue.

  • Pre fix the time allotted for every agenda’s presentation and the following discussions. This will help you keep the meeting crisp and cut down delays due to unnecessary discussions.

  • Back to back presentations might make everyone lose their concentration and make the meeting dull. So arrange for light refreshments in between presentations. Allot a particular time for lunch and host the lunch in dining hall. This will eliminate the chances of spilling food or drinks on official documents. Also declare a 10-15 minutes break after every two hours of presentation so that members can relax and stretch-out their legs a bit.

  • Apart from presenting and discussing agendas during the meeting make provisions for workshops, exhibitions, Q&A sessions and networking opportunities. Arrange interactive sessions between members of different groups and delegates.

  • Don’t only focus on discussing business matters. Allow the participating members to indulge into spirited team building activities. Most of the conference venues in Nottingham offer many activities like fishing, shooting, quad biking, hot air ballooning, canoeing and many more. These activities will boost team morale and problem solving skills which will come in handy during many corporate issues.

  • Lastly do not forget to hand out the meeting minutes to everyone who attended the meet so that they can look into them later on. This will help them to remember the points of agreement and contention during the talks.

These are a few vital points that one should keep in mind while planning a meeting. Following these tips will definitely make it successful.

Posted by: Mary Thomas, Marketing Manager, Goosedale Conference & Banqueting, United Kingdom (11-Apr-2014)
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