Work study engineering


In today`s conditions of universal economy, the competence between productive and service institutions is continually increasing. The most important goal of these situations is to provide requirements of customers and to achieve their satisfaction. One of managing instrument that would utilize in late decade is the value engineering but, it cannot observe real standards solely. That’s why; work Study engineering is one of the precise and scientific ways for measuring work. it’s  advantage is the relatively low cost and high accuracy. It also presents a more real standard of temporal quality and doing work. In composing model of value engineering and work Study engineering in order to achieve the exalted goals of organization, it permit organizations to schedule better before start the project and  its activities. And also in order to have more influence on project`s profits and exalted goals of organization. This composing model establishes from interact and compose of study methods of value engineering and work Study engineering. This technique assigns to achieve to project`s goals with minimum cost, time and wasting energy and to increase profitability, to keep quality and to determine standards of doing work. It also assigns to appropriate a more suitable place toward other managing techniques and planning projects.

Key words: value engineering, work Study engineering, and exalted goals of organization

Posted by: hadi, sahebnam, saham gostaran shargh, Iran (17-Aug-2014)