World heritage and cultural project for development/Southern African rock art archaeology/History and Geography

The Daureb/Brandberg is a circuit mountain on the verge of the Namib Desert. Practically the mountain can be accessed through various gorge entrances. This can be treated as special in the sense that visitors can opted to visit the gorge of their choice within the site and still experience the same Brandberg rock art tradition. Yet, this was never prioritized at the site since it was paralleled into tourism development. Otherwise, the site is renowned for being the highest mountain in Namibia with distinctive fauna and biodiversity. In another context, the site is a well documented rock art in the region of Africa with valuable concentration of rock paintings and engravings that converge and superimpose each other on some rock sculptures. Actually Indigenous communities inhabiting villages near the site has witnessed socio-economic decline and increasing deterioration of the property. The property has been on the national tentative list since 2002, under the category of a mixed site. The comprehensive purpose of this project is to make a contribution moving towards reactivating the site as potential UNESCO world heritage site. Today the mountain has community based conservation and tourism development which are not entirely potentialized.

Posted by: Christian , Reviving local communities’ development pathways for Daureb/Brandberg national heritage site, Independent, Namibia (31-Mar-2014)
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