Yield comparison of advanced potato clones in spring cultivation areas

In this research, 36 promissing potato clones were evaluated for one year and compared with check variety (Agria) in three locations. The experimental design was randomized complete block with 4 replications and locations were Karaj, Ardebil and Hamedan. Each plot was consisted of two rows with 6 meters length. Plant densities were 75 × 25 centimeters. After variance analysys of marketable yield and some other traits, the means were compared by duncan test. There were significant difference between locations, treatments and interaction of locations and clones at the level of 1% probability. The most productive clones were: (397031-16) , (TP22-1), (397031-11), (397045-13), (TP M.M-6) ،(397009-8) ،(397067-1) ،(397078-3) ،(397008-14) ،(397015-11) ، (397067-6) , (396310-5), and 397044-1 which were selected for adaptation tests. Key word: Breeding – Clone – Evaluation - Potato

Posted by: atieh rahmani, agricultural expert, seed ana plant improvement institute, Iran (13-Aug-2013)
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