Analysis of hair dye products


P-phenylenediamine (PPD) has been determined in henna and hair dyes of black, brown, green, and blonde color of different origins, the method is based on the oxidation a 2,7- dihydroxy naphthalene reagent in aqueous medium then couple with the PPD in basic medium. The formed product is blue, stable, and water soluble that is measured at 582nm.The linearity is followed from 1.02 to38 µg/mL, i.e. from 0.1 x10-4 to 3.5 x10-4 molar with high sensitivity of 0.36771x104 The calculated LOD and LOQ is 0.052 and 0.176 µg/mL respectively. The method showed good applicability and validated with standard addition method with average recovery 99% and average standard deviation of 1.18%. The content of PPD in hair dye products ranged from2.1 to 25 µg/ml i.e. 0.0525 to 0.625 mg PPD /0.2 g of the product, The highest level of PPD was found in henna.

Posted by: Hana shuker mahmood, Prof. in Analytical Chemistry, college of science/Department of Chemistry/University of Mosul, Iraq (27-Mar-2024)