9th Birth Congress - Clinical Challenges in Labor and Delivery

  • 05-07 Dec 2024
  • Istanbul, Turkey


The 9th Birth Congress - Clinical Challenges in Labor and Delivery covers topics such as:

  • The diagnosis of failure to progress in labor
  • The diagnosis of labor: term and preterm
  • Misoprostol in the labor ward
  • Augmentation of labor – amniotomy, oxytocin, and new methods
  • The controversial issues about the duration of the second stage
  • The challenges of fetal monitoring
  • Tips and tricks in operative vaginal delivery
  • Assisted vaginal delivery: vacuum, forceps, OdonAssist
  • Perineal and postpartum care. Pelvic floor injury during a vaginal delivery
  • Complex cesarean section
  • Fever in labor: clinical chorioamnionitis and related conditions
  • Umbilical cord pH, gases, and lactic acid
  • Optimal methods for induction of labor: inpatient and outpatient. When to induce a patient with rupture of membranes at term
  • Preterm labor and birth: prediction, prevention and management
  • Stop the Loss: medical and surgical treatment in postpartum hemorrhage
  • Routine care during the third stage of labor
  • Alloimmunization in pregnancy and labor
  • Placenta accreta spectrum disorders: diagnosis and management
  • Gestational diabetes and obesity: labor and delivery issues
  • Emergencies in the labor ward: amniotic fluid embolism, cardiovascular collapse during labor, thrombosis
  • The practical use of intrapartum sonography
  • Simulation on the labor and delivery
  • Anesthesia and analgesia in labor and delivery
  • Controversies in the clinical management of labor
  • Waterbirth pros and cons
  • Artificial intelligence in the labor ward
  • Labor and delivery in pregnancy medically assisted

The 9th Birth Congress - Clinical Challenges in Labor and Delivery will be held in Istanbul, Turkey on 05-07 Dec 2024.


  • Istanbul, Turkey

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Early registration date: 30 Jun 2024
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