Advanced Cased Hole Logging


Advanced Cased Hole Logging is a conference that covers topics such as:

  • Temperature Log
  • What is Cased hole logging?
  • Spinner Flow Meter Log
  • Radioactive Tracer Log
  • Density Log
  • Multiphase flow effects
  • Hold Up and Slip Velocity Correlations
  • Fluid Capacitance Log
  • Noise Log
  • Multiphase log Interpretation
  • Ultrasonic Image Logs
  • Sound Logs
  • Detection of Channels behind casing
  • Pulsed Neutron Logs
  • Formation Evaluation using cased hole logs
  • Horizontal well cased-hole logs
  • Final Course Exam

Advanced Cased Hole Logging brings together:

  • Wellsite geologists
  • Petrophysicists
  • Drilling engineers managers
  • Petroleum engineers
  • Production engineers/technologists
  • Reservoir engineers
  • Log analysts and professionals interested in understanding what production logs and cased-hole surveys can tell us

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