Advanced Practical Centrifugal Pump

Advanced Practical Centrifugal Pump covers topics such as:

  • Affinity rules and size scaling
  • Pump design characteristics, configuration and applications
  • Pump selection
  • Principal considerations appropriate to specific production or process requirements
  • Pump cavitation phenomenon and the options for preventing or correcting a cavitation problem
  • Main geometry factors that affect pump performance and efficiency
  • The differences between pump operation point VS B.E.P. and impact on reliability
  • Rotodynamic stability of pumps and vibration
  • How to go about performing a field or on-site pump performance test.

Advanced Practical Centrifugal Pump brings together:

  • Pump application engineers
  • Maintenance & operation engineers
  • Project & construction engineers
  • Pump sales engineers
  • Process engineers and designers
  • Plant engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Engineering consultants
  • Civil engineers
  • System designers
  • Rotating equipment engineers

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Advanced Practical Centrifugal Pump 2020


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