Degenerative Imaging Spine Course

The Degenerative Imaging Spine Course covers topics such as:

  • MR of degenerative disease of the lumbar spine
  • MR of degenerative disease of the cervical spine
  • Non-degenerative extradural disease of the spine
  • Post-operative evaluation of the spine
  • Unknown case review
  • Advanced spine MR techniques

The Degenerative Imaging Spine Course provides knowledge about:

  • Optimizing MR techniques to reduce the omnipresent artifacts and best portray normal and abnormal anatomy
  • Interpreting cervical spine and lumbar spine MRI studies for degenerative spondylotic disorders
  • Identifying non-degenerative causes of back and neck pain that may simulate spondylosis
  • Distinguishing between normal and abnormal post-operative findings in the operated symptomatic patient, and

The Degenerative Imaging Spine Course brings together all clinicians and radiologists who study the spine.

Future Events

Degenerative Imaging Spine Course 2020


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