Fundamentals of Offshore Field Development

Fundamentals of Offshore Field Development is a seminar that covers topics such as:

  • Introduction to the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
  • Offshore Exploration, Surveying and Drilling
  • Project Planning and Management; Installation and Construction Vessels
  • Field Development Assessment, Planning and Phases
  • Operational Issues: Safety, Environment, Supply Bases and Contracts
  • Managing Offshore Operations; Vessels Involved in Support and Export

Fundamentals of Offshore Field Development is intended for anyone involved or interested in the offshore oil and gas sector, including:

  • Project team members
  • Drilling engineers
  • Subsea engineers
  • Pipeline engineers
  • Marine engineers
  • Offshore operators
  • Shipbuilders
  • Offshore support vessel owners and operators
  • Marine superintendents
  • Naval architects and ship designers
  • Offshore suppliers and contractors
  • Marine equipment manufacturers
  • Legal, financial and contract staff
  • Oil and gas industry managers
  • Oil industry general staff

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