Harmonized Tariff Schedule Classification


Harmonized Tariff Schedule Classification is a webinar that covers topics such as:

  • Structure of the HTS
  • History and Legal Text of HTS
  • Examples of the Rules
  • General Rules of Interpretation 1 through 6
  • General Notes
  • Additional U.S. Rules 1(a) through 1(d)
  • Best Practices for HTS Written Procedures
  • Classification Rulings
  • Resources

Harmonized Tariff Schedule Classification is intended for:

  • Manufacturers
  • Importers and exporters
  • Attorneys
  • Freight forwarders/customhouse brokers
  • Compliance personnel classifying goods under the HTS and qualifying goods under free trade agreements, ex. NAFTA and others

Future Events

Harmonized Tariff Schedule Classification 2020


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