Procurement Certification in Combatting Risk and Fraud


Procurement Certification in Combatting Risk and Fraud covers topics such as:

  • Consequences and cost of procurement fraud to governments and businesses
  • Scale and impact of procurement fraud in SE Asia, by nation and region
  • How procurement fraud is committed
  • Categories of procurement fraud, including corruption, contractor fraud, conflict of interest, theft and cyber fraud and which is the most common
  • The industries most susceptible to procurement fraud
  • Why people commit procurement fraud
  • Procurement cycle and points of risk
  • Fraud prevention controls, which are the most effective – and comparing effectiveness with practicality
  • Bid-rigging indicators
  • Minimising fraud in contracting
  • Tackling cartels and monopolies
  • How to reduce contractor and sub-contractor fraud
  • Creating an anti-fraud culture
  • How to reduce cyber fraud
  • Top tips to discourage fraud and corruption
  • Ethical codes
  • Fraud and investigation
  • Combating fraud through creating First Class Procurement: What it is and how can it be achieved
  • Financial ‘red alerts’
  • Characteristics of fraud perpetrators and behavioural ‘red alerts’
  • Creating an anti-fraud plan tailored for your organisation

Procurement Certification in Combatting Risk and Fraud brings together:

  • Senior and Middle ranking Public Officials
  • Company directors
  • Finance Staff
  • Finance Directors
  • Operational Directors and Managers
  • Auditors
  • Commercial Directors
  • Operational Staff
  • Procurement Managers and Staff
  • Procurement Directors
  • Public Sector Policy Makers

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