Safety Metrics and Measures & Behavior-Based Safety


Safety Metrics and Measures & Behavior-Based Safety is a course that covers topics such as:

  • Why do we take measurements?
  • Purpose of Workshop on Metrics and Measurements
  • Common Errors in Measurements
  • Common Forms of Measurements
  • Types of Measurements
  • Management Science and the Drive to Measure
  • Types of Lagging Indicators (Retrospective)
  • Tools Used in Measurements
  • Review of Work Session:
  • Types of Leading Indicators (Prospective)
  • Near-Miss Management
  • Group discussion on current safety metrics implemented in your company
  • Industry Process Safety Metrics & Their Implications
  • Rate Adjusted Metrics
  • Representing and Sharing Data
  • Frequency of Data Measurement
  • When Management Fails to Understand or Misleads
  • Significance and Data Analysis
  • How Corporate Structures address and work with Measures
  • When Stakeholders Fail to Understand or Encourages
  • Using an Example of how US Chemical Safety Board uses metrics to improve
  • Process Industry Trends in Metrics and Measures
  • Continuous Improvement Case Studies
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Choosing a CI System
  • Using Data to Set Goals
  • Foundation of Behavior-Based Safety (BBS)
  • Next Steps for Your Firm’s Metrics and Measurements Effort
  • Behavioral Safety Process
  • Safety Culture & Behavior-Based Safety
  • BBS & Leaders
  • Behavioral Analysis & Change Program
  • Continuous Improvement & BBS
  • BBS Systems
  • BBS & Your Company’s Values & Principles
  • Goal Setting for BBS System
  • Indentifying Patterns in Behavioral Recordings
  • BBS & Your Standards of Operation (Observing & Intervention)
  • Holding Management Accountable & Leaders Involvement
  • Case Study 2: Deepwater Horizon – What elements of BBS were present and were missing?
  • Key Safety Systems Need to Support the Change
  • BBS & HR System
  • Developing your Personalized Plan for Improving BBS
  • Evaluating the Tactics in Motivating Behavior

Safety Metrics and Measures & Behavior-Based Safety is intended for:

  • Project Managers/Engineers/Executives
  • HSE Managers/Engineers/Executives
  • Operations Managers/Engineers
  • HR & Training Managers/Executives
  • Team Leaders & Department Heads
  • Safety Engineers

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