Symposium on Graphene and 3D Printing Technology


The Symposium on Graphene and 3D Printing Technology covers topics such as:

  • Graphene Synthesis and Applications in Semiconductor Industry
  • Graphene Innovation and commercialization
  • Graphene-based hybrid materials, nanomaterials and their electrochemistry
  • 3D Printing Materials and Electronics
  • Large scale graphene production and Characterization
  • The Nanoworld of Graphene
  • 3D Printing and beyond 3D Printing
  • Materials Beyond GrapheneInnovations in 3D Printing
  • Benefits of 3D Printing and furture technologies
  • Applications of graphene and related 2D, 3D materials
  • Medical 3D Printing, Biomedical Applications of 3D Printing
  • Lasers in 3D Printing Manufacturing Industries
  • Emerging Trends in graphene research
  • Chemical modification of graphene oxide
  • Advances in 3D Printing Technologies
  • Advances in Graphene Manufacturing Technologies
  • 3D Printing Technology Impact on Manufacturing Industry

The Symposium on Graphene and 3D Printing Technology brings together attendees involved or interested in:

  • Business leads
  • Academicians
  • Students
  • Industry lists
  • Professors etc

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Symposium on Graphene and 3D Printing Technology 2020


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