The Conference on Computational and Systems Biology (CCSB)

The Conference on Computational and Systems Biology (CCSB) covers topics such as:

  • Statistics of DNA and Protein Sequences
  • Sequence Analysis
  • Structure of Biopolymers
  • Functional Annotation of DNA Sequences and Proteins
  • Interaction of Proteins with Ligands
  • Prediction of Protein Structure
  • Prediction of RNA Structure
  • Classification of Folds and Structural Motifs
  • Phylogenetic Analysis
  • Molecular Evolution
  • Genome Rearrangements
  • Evolution of Genomes, Regulatory Systems and Metabolic Pathways
  • Large Scale Genome Analysis
  • Genomics and Proteomics
  • Expression Arrays
  • Metabolic and Signal Pathways
  • Large-Scale Analysis of Proteomes and Protein-Protein Interactions
  • SNPs in Medicine and Population Genetics
  • Systems Biology (Molecular, Cellular or Organismal Levels, and Broader Biological Systems)
  • Automated Annotation of Genomes and Ontologies
  • Network Biology
  • Theoretical Studies of Biocomplexity
  • Computational Modeling of Complex Biological Systems
  • Matrix Models of Complex Biological Systems
  • Methods and Tools for Teaching Systems Biology
  • New and Novel Approaches to Studying Biocomplexity
  • Bioalgorithms

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The Conference on Computational and Systems Biology (CCSB) 2020


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