The International Conference on Cyber Security, Cyber Welfare, and Digital Forensic (CyberSec)


The International Conference on Cyber Security, Cyber Welfare, and Digital Forensic (CyberSec) covers topics such as:

  • Digital Forensic
    • Forensics of Virtual and Cloud Environments
    • Data leakage, Data protection and Database forensics
    • Information Hiding
    • Network Forensics and Traffic Analysis Hardware Vulnerabilities and Device Forensics
    • Executable Content and Content Filtering
    • File System and Memory Analysis Multimedia Forensic
    • Malware forensics and Anti-Malware techniques
    • Anti-Forensics and Anti-Anti-Forensics Techniques
    • Investigation of Insider Attacks
    • Evidentiary Aspects of Digital Forensics
    • Large-Scale Investigations
    • Cyber-Crimes
    • New threats and Non-Traditional approaches
  • Cyber Security
    • Formal Methods Application in Security
    • Privacy issues
    • Operating Systems and Database Security
    • Incident Handling and Penetration Testing
    • Security in Social Networks
    • Security in Cloud Computing
    • Hardware-Based security
    • Multimedia and Document Security
    • Security of Web-based Applications and Services
    • VOIP, Wireless and Telecommunications Network Security
    • SCADA and Embedded systems security
    • Enterprise Systems Security
    • Secure Software Development, Architecture and Outsourcing
    • Distributed and Pervasive Systems Security
    • Security protocols
    • Security for Future Networks
    • Legal Issues
  • Cyber warfare and Physical Security
    • Cyber Warfare Trends and Approaches
    • Surveillance Systems
    • Authentication and Access Control Systems
    • Social engineering
    • Electronic Passports, National ID and Smart Card Security
    • Biometrics Applications
    • Biometrics standards and standardization
    • Template Protection and Liveliness detection
    • New theories and algorithms in biometrics
  • Information Assurance and Security Management
    • Laws and Regulations
    • Corporate Governance
    • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning
    • Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Risk Management
    • Digital Rights Management and Intellectual Property Protection
    • Critical Infrastructure Protection
    • Identity Management
    • Security Policies and Trust Management
    • Economics of Security
    • Decidability and Complexity
    • Fraud Management

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