EDULEARN 24 - The 16th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies

EDULEARN 24 - The 16th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies

  • 01-03 Jul 2024
  • Palma Convention Centre (Palau De Congressos), Spain


EDULEARN 24 - The 16th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies provides knowledge on how technology is influencing the learning/teaching experience and how education is changing in the world.

EDULEARN 24 - The 16th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies covers topics such as:

  • Pedagogical Innovations in Education
    • Evaluation and Assessment of Student Learning
    • Learning and Teaching Methodologies
    • New Learning/Teaching Models
    • Accreditation for informal learning
    • Language Learning Innovations
    • Neuroscience in Education
    • Personalized Learning
    • Collaborative and Problem-based Learning
    • Flipped Learning
    • Tutoring and Coaching
  • Experiences in Education
    • Enhancing Learning and the Undergraduate Experience
    • Educational Trends and Best Practice Contributions
    • Learning Experiences in Higher and Further Education
    • Learning Experiences in Preschool Education
    • Transferring Skills and Disciplines
    • Special Education
    • Experiences in Game Based Learning
    • STEM in Education
    • Quality Assurance/Standards and Accreditation
    • Curriculum Design and Development
    • Educational Management
    • Higher Education Area: The Bologna Declaration and ECTS Experiences
    • Pre-service and In-service Teacher Experiences
  • Experiences in Research
    • Research Methodologies
    • Academic Research Projects
    • New projects and Innovations
    • Links between Education and Research
  • Career Development and Training
    • Lifelong Learning
    • Vocational Training
    • University-Industry Cooperation
    • Workplace Training and Employability Issues
    • Entrepreneurship curriculum
    • Technology Transfer
    • Training educational staff
    • Internship programmes
  • General Issues
    • Multicultural Education
    • Education and Globalization
    • Planning Digital-Age School and Learning Spaces
    • Impact of Education on Development
    • Leadership in 21st Century Education
    • Organizational, Legal, Policy and Financial Issues
    • Ethical Issues and Plagiarism in Education
    • Barriers to Learning (age, psychosocial factors, ethnicity...)
    • Diversity Issues, Women and Minorities
    • Access to Internet: Advances and Problems
    • Funding Programmes and Opportunities
    • Student Support in Education
  • International Projects
    • Project Outcomes and Conclusions
    • New Experiences for the International Cooperation
    • Exchange Programmes and Erasmus Experiences
    • University Networks
    • Funding Programmes and Opportunities
    • The Internationalization of Universities
  • Computer Supported Collaborative Work
    • Web 2.0 and Social Networking: Blogs, Wikis..
    • Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVEs)
    • Social & Digital Media in Education
    • Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) Tools
    • Web 3D Applications and Virtual Reality
    • Community Building
    • Augmented Reality
  • E-Learning
    • Blended Learning
    • E-Learning Projects and Experiences
    • Distance Learning
    • Mobile Learning
    • Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs)
    • Training, Evaluation and Assessment
    • Managed Learning Environments (MLEs)
    • Personal Learning Environments (PLEs)
    • Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS)
    • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
    • E-Learning Standards (SCORM)
    • Online/Virtual Laboratories
    • Online Assessment
    • Virtual Universities
    • E-Moderating
    • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
    • Educating the Educators
    • E-Tutoring & Mentoring
    • E-Learning for Environmental Sustainability
  • Educational Software & Serious Games
    • Educational/Serious Games
    • Computer Software on Education
    • Animation and 3D Systems
    • Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia
    • Educational Software Experiences
    • Gaming Consoles as Learning Tools
    • Gamification
    • Videos for Learning (YouTube Generation)
  • Emerging Technologies in Education
    • Technology-Enhanced Learning
    • Best practices in multimedia-based education
    • Advanced Classroom Technology
    • Flipped Classroom
    • Web Classroom Applications
    • The Impact of Web Technologies on Education
    • ICT skills and Digital literacy
    • Mobile and Tablet Technologies
    • BYOD (Bring your own device) and 1:1 Learning
    • ICT for Development
    • New platforms to teach coding skills (Arduino, Raspberry PI...)
  • E-content Management and Development
    • Learning Analytics
    • Knowledge Management
    • E-Portfolios
    • Digital Libraries and Repositories
    • User-Generated Content
    • Intellectual Property Rights
    • Digital Identity Management
    • Security and Data Protection
    • Open Access Education

EDULEARN 24 - The 16th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies brings together:

  • Researchers
  • Academics
  • Technical staff
  • Lifelong learning educators
  • Professionals from the private and public sector
  • Secondary, vocational, or tertiary educators
  • School counsellors, principals and teachers
  • Technologists and Scientists
  • General personnel from vocational sectors
  • Education policy development representatives
  • Career/employment officers
  • Student counsellors
  • Student Unions
  • Education advisers
  • Library personnel
  • Bridging programme lecturers & support staff
  • Open learning specialists
  • International support and services staff


  • Palma Convention Centre (Palau De Congressos) , Carrer de FeliciĆ  Fuster, 2, Palma, Spain

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