30th Global Foundry Sourcing Conference (FSC 2023)

  • 22 Sep 2023
  • Grand Regency Hotel Qingdao, China


The 30th Global Foundry Sourcing Conference (FSC 2023) is a conference and exhibition dedicated to casting technology, including:

  • Casting equipment
    detection simulation software, apparatus, casting machinery, materials, die-casting equipment, processing control
  • Castings
    zinc alloy, art casting, electronics, carbon steel, etc. automobile, aluminum alloy, communication, textile machinery, grey iron, etc. aeronautics, pump, nodular iron, alloy steel, alloy cast iron, ship machinery, general machinery, magnesium alloy, internal-combustion engine, malleable cast iron, etc. valve, heavy machinery, railway machinery, computer, manhole covers, vermicular cast iron, etc. garden chairs, heating and plumbing, household appliance, machine tools, construction machinery, copper alloy, agriculture machinery, hardware, pipes and fittings

The 30th Global Foundry Sourcing Conference (FSC 2023) will be held in Qingdao on 22 September 2023.


  • Grand Regency Hotel Qingdao , 110 Xianggang Middle Rd, Shina, Qingdao, China

More Details

400-500 US Dollar (Estimated)
Suppliers China Co., Ltd. (SC)

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Industry: Automotive, Construction & Building, Metal/Steel, Natural resources

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