ICHHS 2025: 19th International Conference on Humanity, History and Society

  • 14-15 Jan 2025
  • Zurich, Switzerland


The ICHHS 2025: 19th International Conference on Humanity, History and Society covers topics such as:

  • Anthropology
  • Administrative Sciences
  • Area Studies (African, American, Asian, European, Hispanic, Islamic, Jewish, Middle Eastern,
  • Applied Social Modeling and Simulation
  • Behavioral and Psychological Sciences
  • Russian, Women`s and all other cultural and ethnic studies)
  • Business Information Management
  • Business
  • Business, Economics, Management and Marketing
  • Business Information Systems
  • Cognitive, Psychological and Behavioral Sciences
  • Business, Finance and Tourism Management
  • Communication, Communities and e-societies
  • Communication and Information Technologies in Social Sciences
  • Complex Socio-Cognitive-Technical Systems
  • Communities and Communications
  • Computation and Social Networks
  • Complexity Theory in the Social Sciences
  • Confluence of Social Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Complexity
  • Computational Methods in Social Science
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies with International Relations
  • Country studies
  • Digital Libraries, Archives and Repositories
  • Data mining in Social Science
  • Economics, Markets and Systems
  • Economics, Financial and Industrial Systems
  • Education Science and Technology
  • Education and Information Technologies
  • Electoral Competition
  • Educational Technology
  • Energy, Environment, Sustainable Development
  • Energy Alternatives
  • E-Society and Online Communities
  • Environmental studies
  • Ethnic Studies/International Studies
  • Ethical Issues and Challenges
  • Gender Studies
  • Finance
  • Geography and Geological Sciences
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • History
  • Health Issues and Services
  • Human Development based on psychological and social concepts
  • Human and Social Evolutionary Complexity
  • Human-Computer Interactions
  • Human Rights Development
  • Knowledge Management and Knowledge Economy
  • Human-Environment Interactions
  • Law and Justice
  • Land-Use Modeling Techniques and Applications
  • Mathematical Modeling in Social Science
  • Learning and Behavioral Modeling
  • Open Learning and Distance Education
  • Media and Communications, Technology
  • Physics Methods for Analyzing Social Complexity
  • Organizational Decision Making
  • Policy/Public Administration/Public Health

The ICHHS 2025: 19th International Conference on Humanity, History and Society will be held in Zurich, Switzerland on 14-15 Jan 2025.


  • Zurich, Switzerland

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250-500 Euro (Estimated)
No exhibition
WASET - World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology

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Business: Finance, Human Resources (HR)
Government & Global Issues: Social issues
Science: Business studies, Environmental sciences, Humanities, Social sciences

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