9th International Conference on Biomedical Imaging, Signal Processing (ICBSP 2024)

  • 18-20 Oct 2024
  • Postgraduate Education Centre, Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong


The 9th International Conference on Biomedical Imaging, Signal Processing (ICBSP 2024) covers topics such as:

  • Biomedical Signal Processing and Interpretation
    • Feature extraction and selection from biomedical signals
    • Signal filtering and denoising techniques
    • Biomedical signal classification and pattern recognition
    • Time-frequency analysis of physiological signals
    • Wearable and implantable biomedical sensors
    • Analysis of brain signals and neuroimaging data
  • Medical Image Processing and Analysis
    • Feature extraction methods for medical images
    • Image denoising and enhancement techniques
    • Medical image reconstruction algorithms
    • Image registration and fusion techniques
    • Image-based modeling and simulation in medicine
  • Medical Image Reconstruction and Restoration
    • Low-dose and radiation dose reduction techniques
    • Compressed sensing and sparse reconstruction in medical imaging
    • Multi-modal and multi-sensor image fusion
    • Artifact correction and image restoration methods
    • Quantitative image reconstruction and analysis
    • Super-resolution techniques in medical imaging
  • Computer-Aided Diagnosis and Treatment
    • Decision support systems for medical professionals
    • Computer-aided detection and diagnosis of diseases
    • Computer-aided surgical planning and navigation
    • Imaging-based guidance for minimally invasive interventions
    • Telemedicine and remote healthcare monitoring
    • Personalized medicine and treatment response prediction
  • Medical Image Segmentation and Registration
    • Shape analysis and deformable models in medical imaging
    • Image segmentation algorithms for organs and tissues
    • Longitudinal image registration and tracking
    • Multi-atlas and atlas-based segmentation techniques
    • Deep learning-based segmentation and registration
    • Elastic and non-rigid image registration methods


  • Postgraduate Education Centre, Prince of Wales Hospital , Shatin Wai Road, Hong Kong

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International Conference on Biomedical Imaging, Signal Processing (ICBSP)
Abstract submission deadline: 20 May 2024

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