13th International Conference on Clean and Green Energy (ICCGE 2024)

  • 02-04 Aug 2024
  • Harbin Institute of Technology, China


The 13th International Conference on Clean and Green Energy (ICCGE 2024) covers topics such as:

  • Environmental Science and Engineering
    • Environmental Materials
    • Environmental Chemistry and Biology
    • Environmental Planning and Assessment
    • Environmental Safety and Health
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Environmental Analysis and Monitoring
    • Waste Disposal and Recycling
    • Pollution Control Project (Air, Water, Solid)
    • Noise and Vibration Control
    • Water Supply and Drainage Engineering
    • Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
    • Clean Production Process
    • Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Control
    • Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering
    • Cultivation and Conservation of Forest
    • Environmental Protection
    • Geographic Information and Remote Sensing Science
    • Plant Protection
    • Land Resources Environment and Urban Planning
  • Energy Science and Technology
    • Development and Utilization of Biomass Energy
    • Development and Utilization of Solar Energy
    • Nuclear Energy Engineering
    • Development and Utilization of Wind Energy
    • Energy-saving Technology
    • Storage Technology
    • Energy Materials
    • Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
    • Energy Security and Clean Use
    • Energy Chemical Engineering
    • Energy-efficient Lighting Products and Technologies
    • New Energy Vehicles, Electric Vehicles
    • Energy Equipment
    • Green Building Materials and Energy-saving Buildings
  • The Development and Utilization of Resources
    • Mining Engineering
    • Mineral Prospecting and Exploration
    • Mineral Process Engineering
    • Mining Machinery Engineering
    • Petrochemical Engineering
    • Oil and Gas Well Development Projects
    • Forestry Engineering
    • Metallurgical Engineering
    • Storage and Processing of Agricultural Products
  • Motivation, Electrical Engineering and Automation
    • Thermal Engineering
    • Engineering Thermophysics
    • Fluid Machinery and Engineering
    • Power Machinery and Engineering
    • Power System and Automation
    • HVAC, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
    • Motor and Electrical
    • High Voltage and Insulation Technology
    • Power Electronics and Power Drives
    • Electrician Theory and New Technology
    • Power System Management
    • Smart Grid Technologies
    • Design Automation
    • Manufacturing Automation
    • Information Automation
    • Precision Automation
    • Biomedical Automation
  • Theory and practice of Sustainable Development
    • Urban and Regional Planning
    • Energy Saving, Environmental Protection, Low Carbon Ideas
    • Environmental Protection and Economic Development
    • Development and Management of the Energy Industry
    • The Analysis of International Energy Demand and Supply
    • The Global Climate Change and International Cooperation on Reducing Carbon Emissions
    • The Production and Operations of Energy Companies
    • The Analysis of National Energy Strategy and Decision-making
    • Ecological Economy,Circular Economy and Low-carbon Economy


  • Harbin Institute of Technology , No. 92, West Da-Zhi Street, Harbin, China

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250-530 US Dollar (Estimated)
No exhibition
International Conference on Clean and Green Energy (ICCGE)
Abstract submission deadline: 10 Jun 2024

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Science: Environmental sciences

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