12th International Conference on Cloud Computing and eGovernance (ICCCEG 2023)

  • 2023
  • London, United Kingdom


The 12th International Conference on Cloud Computing and eGovernance (ICCCEG 2023) covers topics such as:

    • Accountability Frameworks
    • Access and Accessibility
    • Benefit Management
    • Adaptive Policy
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Big Data
    • Business Process Reengineering
    • Business Process Integration
    • Chief Data Officer Positions
    • Changes in hiring patterns of Government Workers
    • Cloud Business
    • Citizen Co-Creation
    • Comparative Research
    • Collaborative Government
    • Contract Management
    • Connected Governance
    • Crowdsourcing in digital governance
    • Crowd Sourcing
    • Data Opening Models
    • Data Licensing
    • Different facets of digital government and governance
    • Decision Support Systems
    • Digital Cities and Regions
    • Digital Accountability and Transparency Acts
    • Digital versus traditional governance behavior
    • Digital Divide and Digital Culture
    • e-Consultation
    • e-Business Models for Social Entrepreneurship
    • e-Legislation
    • Education, Training and Digital Skills
    • Emergency Assistance
    • Emergency and Disaster Response
    • e-Procurement
    • Engaging citizens via social media
    • Expose, Investigate and Disseminate Services
    • Experience and Knowledge Sharing
    • Government Information Leadership
    • Government as a Platform
    • Healthy Lifestyle Intervention
    • Green Government
    • ICT Against Exploitation and Marginalization
    • Human Resource Management
    • Identity Management
    • ICT-Enabled Pursuit of Social Missions
    • Increasing Transparency through ICT
    • Impact of Open Government Data
    • Innovative e-Business Models
    • Information Sharing
    • Internet Censorship
    • Inter-Generational Relationships
    • Intertwining of virtual work and teams in government
    • Interoperability
    • Knowledge Retention
    • Knowledge Management in Government
    • Lean Government
    • Law Compliance and Enforcement
    • Linked Data Assets
    • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
    • Managing Social Tensions with ICT
    • Localization and Positioning Assistance
    • Mobile Government
    • Medication Assistance
    • Modeling Life Settings and Life Scenarios
    • Mobile Public Services
    • New forms of collaboration within government functions and with citizens
    • Monitoring of Chronic Diseases
    • New Policy Tools and Instruments
    • New forms of individual and team-level work control
    • Online Deliberation and Discourse
    • Online Conflict Resolution
    • Open Data Ecosystems
    • Open Data Communities
    • Open Government
    • Open Data Platforms
    • Open Government Data as a Movement
    • Open Government Data as a Market
    • Open Government Data as a Right
    • Open Government Data as a Policy
    • Open Government Data Initiatives
    • Open government data for business access
    • Open Innovation
    • Open Government Data versus Open Government
    • Performance Management
    • Participatory Governance
    • Policies and participation in digitally-mediated government work
    • Personal Activity Management
    • Policy Modeling and Simulation
    • Policy Modeling and Impact Assessment
    • Proactive Release of Government Data
    • Privacy, Security and Sensitive Data
    • Public Sector Innovation Management
    • Public Sector Innovation
    • Public Value
    • Public Sector Innovation Transfer
    • Regulatory Government
    • Public-Private Partnerships
    • Re-organization of government functions
    • Remote and Self Health Monitoring
    • Service Science
    • Service Mashups
    • Smart Homes
    • Smart Citizens, Smart Communities
    • Social Media and Government
    • Social Events Management
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Social Responsibility
    • Technological Culture
    • Supply, Demand and Value Chains
    • Temporal structuring of government workers
    • Technology Adoption and Diffusion
    • Transformative Government
    • Transformation and Change Management
    • Transparency in International Aid
    • Transparency and Accountability
    • Transparency versus Performance
    • Transparency Metrics
    • Trust and Confidence
    • Transparency versus Privacy
    • User Behavior Modeling
    • Universal and Mobile Access
    • Whole-of-Government
    • Cloud Resource Virtualization and Management
    • Cloud Computing Architectures and Systems
    • High Performance Computing in Clouds
    • Virtual Machine Management in Clouds
    • Big Data Processing in Clouds
    • Big Data Management in Clouds
    • MapReduce Systems and Applications
    • Stream Data Processing in Clouds
    • GPU-accelerated Data Processing
    • GPU-accelerated Cloud Computing
    • Software Defined Networking for Cloud Computing
    • Data Center Networking
    • Cloud Storage
    • Software Defined Networking for Data-Intensive Applications
    • Mobile Cloud Computing
    • Green Cloud Computing
    • Cloud Computing for Internet of Things
    • Cloud Computing in Social Networks
    • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
    • Cloud-assisted Multimedia Systems
    • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • Sensing as a Service
    • Big Data as a Service
    • New Cloud Services and Applications
    • Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing

The 12th International Conference on Cloud Computing and eGovernance (ICCCEG 2023) might be held in London in 2023.


  • London, United Kingdom

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