9th International Conference on Control, Robotics and Cybernetics (CRC 2024)

  • 21-23 Nov 2024
  • Universiti Sains Malaysia, George Town, Malaysia


The 9th International Conference on Control, Robotics and Cybernetics (CRC 2024) covers topics such as:

  • Human-Machine Systems
    • Human Computer Interaction
    • Man-Machine Systems
    • Virtual Reality
    • Human Factors in system Design
    • EEG Signal Processing and Brain Computer Interface (BCI)
  • Modern and Advanced Control Strategies
    • Fuzzy Logic Control
    • Neural Networks Control
    • Model-Predictive Control
    • Genetic Algorithms & Evolutionary Control
    • Intelligent Control Systems
    • Adaptive and Optimal Control
    • Fault Diagnosis
    • Robotics and Automation
    • Industrial Automations
    • Intelligent agents
  • Database System
    • Applications of DB Systems and Information Systems
    • Database and Information System Architecture and Performance
    • Multi-databases and Database Federation
    • Multimedia Databases
    • XML and Databases
    • Temporal, Spatial, and High Dimensional Databases
    • Information Retrieval and Database Systems
    • Distributed, Parallel, P2P, and Grid-based Databases
  • Multimedia and Communication Systems
    • High Speed Communication
    • Multimedia and New Media
    • Computational Intelligence and Telecommunications
    • Hyper Network Communication
  • Decision Making and Information Retrieval
    • Decision Analysis
    • Case-Based Reasoning
    • Dynamic Systems Modeling
    • Intelligent Databases & Information Retrieval
    • Multi-criteria Decision Making
    • Decision Support Systems
    • Behavioral Decision Making
    • Qualitative and Approximate-Reasoning Modeling
    • Information and Decision Systems
    • Distributed Decision Making
    • Risk Management
  • Robotics and Automation
    • Human-robot Systems
    • Robot Dynamic and Control
    • Home Robots
    • Intelligent Robots
  • Control System Application
    • Transportation Systems
    • Manufacturing Systems
    • Medical Decision Making
    • Medical and Health Care Systems
    • Socio-economical Systems
    • Rehabilitation Systems
    • Energy Systems
    • Service and Public Sector System
    • Technological Forecasting
    • Environmental Systems
    • Communication networks and Protocol
    • Financial Engineering
    • Military Systems
  • Data Analysis, Prediction and ModelIdentification
    • Prediction and Time Series Analysis
    • Signal Processing
    • Data Fusion and Mining
    • System Identification
    • Intelligent Information Systems
    • Knowledge Discovery
    • Image Understanding
    • Image Processing
    • Pattern Recognition
    • Parallel Computing applications in Identification and Control
    • Classification
    • Clustering
  • Hybrid Systems
    • Fuzzy Neural Systems
    • Fuzzy Expert Systems
    • Neural-Fuzzy-Genetic Systems
    • Neural Genetic Systems

The 9th International Conference on Control, Robotics and Cybernetics (CRC 2024) brings together engineers, researchers and practitioners involved or interested in Control, Robotics and Cybernetics.


  • Universiti Sains Malaysia , 11800, Pulau Pinang , George Town, Malaysia

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250-559 US Dollar (Estimated)
No exhibition
International Conference on Control, Robotics and Cybernetics (CRC)
Abstract submission deadline: 05 Jul 2024

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