10th International Conference on Educational Technologies (ICEduTech 2023)

  • 2023


The 10th International Conference on Educational Technologies (ICEduTech 2023) covers topics such as:

  • Education as Professional Field
    • Teachers’ Professional Development
    • Teacher Education
    • Teacher Support for Grading, Time Tabling, Grading, Learning Tools, and Online Learning Software
    • Teachers’ Workload
    • Web-based Communities for Teacher Support
    • Teachers’ learning in Communities of Practice
    • Legal and Financial Issues
    • Teachers’ Career Planning
    • Governance and Servant Leadership
    • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
    • Educational Policies
  • Education in Context
    • Educational Games
    • Education in the Network Society
    • Home Schooling
    • Social Media in Education
    • Parents’ Rights
    • Students’ Rights
    • Student-Safe Searching
    • Teachers’ Rights
    • Education and Tolerance for Peace
    • School Violence
    • Education in Developing Countries
  • Learner Orientation
    • Peer- and Collaborative Learning
    • Student-Oriented Learning
    • Motivating Students
    • Learning Strategies: Learn how to Learn
    • Special Education
    • Recognizing Students’ Learning Styles
  • Curricular Evolution
    • Critical Thinking Skills
    • Problem-based Learning
    • Learning Citizenship
    • Creativity Skills
    • Media Literacy / -Pedagogy
    • Global Education
    • Alternative Assessment Methods
    • Multicultural Education
  • International Higher Education
    • Pitfalls and Solutions in Joint and Double Degree Programs
    • Marketing Higher Education as a Business Case
    • Web-based, Mobile, Virtual Presence and Social Media to Overcome Student Mobility
    • Enculturation and International Teacher Accreditation
    • Student Mobility and Distance Education
    • Blended Learning and Student Assessment at a Distance
    • Education, Research, Exchange an Capacity Building
    • New-Emerging Standards and Benchmarks for Higher Education
    • Academic Salaries, Faculty Contracts, Residence Permits and Legal Issues
    • 21st Century Academic and Industrial Brain Exchange
    • Networks for International Higher Education in the Pacific, Australia, Europe, Asian and European countries
    • International Student Exchange Funding Programs: Erasmus Mundus, the U.S. Council on International Educational Student Exchange, and the Euro-American "Atlantis" program
    • Higher Education, Cultural Diversity, Tolerance and Political Conflict
  • Integrating Educational Technologies
    • The Semantic Web 3.0
    • Social Media and Social Networking
    • Podcasting feedback to students
    • Podcasting for Broadcasting Video Lectures
    • Mobile, Virtual and Vicarious Learning
    • Wiki and blogs in Higher Education
    • Simulations and Modeling

The 10th International Conference on Educational Technologies (ICEduTech 2023) brings together scientists, professionals and institutional leaders.

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