International Conference on Food Chemistry & Technology (FCT 2024)

  • 25-27 Nov 2024
  • Valencia, Spain


The International Conference on Food Chemistry & Technology (FCT 2024) is dedicated to current and future challenges in food research.

The International Conference on Food Chemistry & Technology (FCT 2024) covers topics such as:

  • 3d food printing
    • Digital design, full control printing movements
    • Printing meat products
    • Printability of food formula
  • Disruptive technology intervention
    • Ultrasounds
    • Cold-Plasma
    • Reversed engineering
    • Food digital twins
    • Cooking precision
  • Food customization and health
    • Probiotic and prebitiocs
    • Hydrocolloids and biofunctionalities
    • Bioaccessability
    • Double emulsions and nutrients bioavailability
    • Food Personalized Manufacturing
    • Nutrient security
    • Delivery functionality
  • Food sensory evaluation and novel experience for a better health and sustainability
    • Mastication work and sensory experience
    • Tools for sensory evaluation
    • Stratification of tastants and modulated intake
    • Food design and inhomogeneous food
    • Multi-sensory experiences
    • Improved sensory acceptance for reducing food waste
    • Augmented food perceptions
  • Physical properties in food
    • Mechanical properties, inhomogeneues food and novel sensory experiences
    • Food texture
    • Bioaccessability
    • Food microstructure
  • Sustainability in food production and technology
    • On-demand food manufacturing
    • Alternatives source of proteins from vegetable/marine environment
    • Food packaging materials
    • Extraction and valorization of the sidestream
    • Prolonging and modeling shelf life
  • Traditional process for food scale up and adaptation in other localities
  • Consumer`s trust and awareness in food science and technology
    • Consumer-centric approach for practical innovation
    • Social acceptance of radical innovation in the food sector
    • Communication and better awareness of the food science and technology
  • Open science culture, data mining and visualization in food science
    • Tools for data sharing and collaborations
    • The impact of open data
    • Open Science
    • Alternative tools and methods for data visualization
    • Computational tools
    • Machine learning

The International Conference on Food Chemistry & Technology (FCT 2024) brings together food laureates, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, academicians, chemists, scientists, dietitians, nutritionists, engineers, technologists from all over the world to debate on the latest scientific advances in the field of food chemistry and technology that help to shape current and future challenges in food research.

The International Conference on Food Chemistry & Technology (FCT 2024) will be held in Valencia, Spain on 25-27 Nov 2024.


  • Valencia, Spain

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Early registration date: 01 Apr 2024
United Scientific Group (USG)

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