International Summit on Bio polymers and Polymer Science (ISBPS 2023)

  • 11-13 May 2023
  • Holiday Inn Brussels Airport, Belgium


The International Summit on Bio polymers and Polymer Science (ISBPS 2023) covers topics such as:

  • Natural Polymer-Advanced Polymers & its Phenomenon
  • Biopolymers from Renewable Sources
  • Polymer Waste & it’s Management
  • Future & Scope of Biopolymers and Bioplastics
  • Polymers Role in Biology and Biological System
  • Biopolymers in Biomedical Applications
  • Polymers in Diagnostics
  • Biopolymers for Tissue Engineering
  • Green Polymers: Durability & Aging, Degradation & Biodegradation
  • Polymer Rheology
  • Recent Developments in Polymer Science and Engineering
  • Recycling and Waste Management of Biopolymers
  • Polymer Electronics : Optics, Fiber & Lasers
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Biopolymers
  • POLYMERS IN MEDICINE -Biomedical and Pharmacological Applications
  • Environmental Sustainability of Biopolymers
  • Polymers Nanotechnology
  • Trends and Applications of Biopolymers
  • Bioremediation and Biodegradation
  • Biopolymer 3D Printing
  • Polymers and Their Roles in the Industry and Economy
  • Thermoplastics for Low-Temperature Applications
  • Drug Delivery Systems (DDS) made from Biopolymers
  • Synthetic Polymers and the Efficiency of Biogenic Organic Matter Destruction
  • Biomedical And Dental Applications Of Polymers
  • Polymer Applications Of Renewable-Resource Materials
  • Nuclear Envelope-like Polymer Vesicles
  • The Future of Polymer Matrix based Nanocomposites
  • Silver-Based Antibacterial and Virucide Biopolymers
  • Polymer Matrix & Graded Polymer Materials
  • Renewable Polymers
  • Polymers in Compact Disk Technology
  • Polymer Matrix & Graded Polymer Materials
  • Nuclear Envelope-like Polymer Vesicles
  • Bio-Based Materials for Packaging
  • Polymer Science & it’s Applications
  • Polymers in Civil Engineering

The International Summit on Bio polymers and Polymer Science (ISBPS 2023) brings together:

  • Prof. Edward Kosior
  • Dr. Gregory S. Y. Yeh
  • Dr. Geoffrey Mitchell
  • Dr. Serge Cosnier
  • Dr. Wei Gao
  • Dr. Paulo Cesar De Morais
  • Dr. Ilaria Cacciotti
  • Dr. Joseph J. Marcinko
  • Dr. Redouane Borsali
  • Prof. Neal Tai-Shung Chung
  • Sharina Perry
  • Dr. Tanaka Masaru
  • Dr. Alessandra D’Anna
  • Dr. Sabrina Belbekhouche
  • Dr. Farokh Laqa Kakar
  • Dr. Iryna Savych
  • Dr. Fabien Salaun
  • Dr. N Harnkarnsujarit
  • Dr. Kim L Pickering
  • Eng. Liliana Rubio
  • Dr. Dimitrios Meimaroglou
  • Dr. Nevin K Mermer
  • Prof. Alcides Lopes Leao
  • Dr. Rene Saint-Loup
  • Prof. Yung Kang Shen
  • Dr. Reza Jamshidi Rodbari
  • Prof. Henrich H. Paradies
  • Dr. Eri Yoshida
  • Prof. Zhongwei Guan
  • Dr. Dieter E. Kaufmann
  • Prof. Dominique Hourdet
  • Dr. Yang Liu
  • Dr. Nacho Martin Fabiani
  • Dr. Rudolf Pfaendner
  • Dr. L C L Agostinho Jamshidi
  • Dr. Biao Hu
  • Dr. Bruno Barbosa Rodrigues
  • Dr. Alex He
  • Dr. Lavinia Balan
  • Dr. Olivier Savard
  • Ms. Cíntia Martins
  • Mr. Mostafa Rohi
  • Dr. Amin Babaei Ghazvini
  • Dr. Najla Trabelsi
  • University of Porto
  • Dr. Amir Bzainia
  • Dr. Salem Al-Ameri
  • Portugal
  • Dr. Babak Safaei
  • Dr. Naveen Tiwari
  • Dr. Christiana Agbo
  • Dr. Cristian Zavala
  • Prof. Fernanda Guerra Lima
  • Dr. Diana Portan
  • Dr. Prateek Bhardwaj
  • Dr. Uros Novak
  • Ms. Arianne Lopez Hernandez
  • Dr. Theodora Katsila
  • Mr. Christopher G. P. Miller
  • Miss. Catarina Pereira Gomes
  • Dr. Daniele Parisi
  • Prof. Leonard Mwaikambo
  • Dr. Joost Brancart
  • Dr. Hocine Djidjelli
  • Dr. Inderjeet Tyagi
  • Dr. Vakhtang Barbakadze
  • Dr. Sofien Benltoufa
  • Prof. Gulshan Kumar
  • Dr. Shristy Gautam

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Science: Biochemistry, Chemistry, Cognitive science, Earth sciences, Engineering, Environmental sciences

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