International Symposium on Computing and Artificial Intelligence (ISCAI 2024)

  • 22-24 Nov 2024
  • Dali, China


The International Symposium on Computing and Artificial Intelligence (ISCAI 2024) covers topics such as:

  • Autonomic, adaptive, dependable computing
  • Architectural concepts for systems
  • Green computing
  • Business process computing
  • Network science, social networks, collective intelligence
  • Internet computing
  • Services computing and cloud computing
  • Parallel computing
  • Agent Systemsa
  • Software evolution and mining
  • AI technologies including Search, planning, reasoning, knowledge representation, natural language processing, robotics and perception
  • AI Applications
  • Bioinformatics and BioNLP
  • Automated Reasoning
  • Case based Reasoning
  • "Big Knowledge" and reduction
  • Communicating knowledge and agents
  • Cognitive Models
  • Data Mining
  • Constraint Satisfaction
  • E Commerce
  • Distributed knowledge and processing
  • Games
  • Evolutionary Computation
  • Information and Knowledge Management
  • Hardware and software of knowledge systems
  • Integrity, security, and fault tolerance
  • Information Retrieval and Search
  • Knowledge integration
  • Knowledge discovery
  • Knowledge Representation
  • Knowledge management
  • Knowledge-based applications
  • Knowledge understanding and modelling
  • Machine Learning
  • Machine and deep learning of knowledge
  • Multi-modal interaction
  • Multimedia Processing
  • Neural Nets and Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Planning
  • Performance evaluation
  • Query and optimization
  • Privacy preserving
  • Robotics
  • Real-time knowledge and processing
  • Uncertainty
  • Syntactic and semantic aspects of knowledge
  • Web Mining and Applications
  • User Modeling

The International Symposium on Computing and Artificial Intelligence (ISCAI 2024) will be held in Dali, China on 22-24 Nov 2024.


  • Dali, China

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360-730 US Dollar (Estimated)
Hong Kong Society of Robotics & Automation (HKSRA)

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Science: Computer Science
Technology: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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